About Geri

Cross Keys Designs was founded in 1997. We have had offices in Austin, TX, Stamford, CT and St. Petersburg, FL. During that time, I specialized in renovating historic and vintage houses as well as tropical homes, luxury condominiums, and vacation retreats. I have extensive experience in space planning, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, and collaborating with architects, builders, and construction managers. I want you to love your home and am dedicated to sourcing materials that are both Made in the USA and family friendly. I offer design solutions that are innovative and stylish, practical and timeless.

I am now living in and loving St. Pete Beach, FL. The  great beaches, tropical atmosphere, the waterways and great people have drawn me to live here. My career has evolved over time to a point where my focus is on "fun". I want to work on fun projects with fun people to create fun places to live. 

Traditional Interior Design has been my primary type of project. These projects require: highly detailed designs, project management, product procurement, working tightly with architects, general contractors and sub-contractors, and the final installation. The finished result is amazing, especially if it is an entire home or major remodel. I enjoy creating a complete and cohesive design that delivers a great home. My clients on these projects want the Do it for Me (DIFM) level of service.

Decorating has has always been a service level that I have offered for the Do it with Me (DIWM) type of project. These clients want to be heavily involved and yet need design guidance and construction assistance. My role on these projects is a support role to help make the right decisions for the design and consultation to insure correct construction. In the end, these clients love their involvement in the project, but need professional guidance.

Technology has allowed me to offer E-Designs for the Do it Yourself (DIY) type of client. E-Designs are virtual designs generated via software for a clients specific space. Once I have the dimensions and clarity around the personality, the goals, and the budget, then I can generate the designs. The client will take my designs and rendering and then implement themselves. I love these projects as well. More people get great designs and they enjoy building the finished result.

My passion for designing great homes to live in comes naturally. I look forward to designing a fun place for you to live in.